Pearl District

GUADALAJNOW, JALISCO (16/DEC / 2015).- Absence of perimeter walls to allow entry to everyone, its water treatment, a public park, parking lots and internal roads that will absorb the traffic flow, and energy self-sufficiency, are the five main features highlighted Pearl District, the real estate megaproject to be built in what were formerly the Kodak facilities, Mariano Otero and Amado Nervo, in Zapopan, Santos reported Maisterra, director comercial de grupo West, developer. Businessmen and officials presented the project to begin construction shortly on a first stage that will have a multimillion-dollar investment: "In the first stage they are 441 millions of dollars (MDD), including the first 50 thousand square meters of office, the mall and the first 500 departments ", He reported Maisterra.


Publication date: January 30, 2017 - 08:29